Monday, June 26, 2023

2023 Stoneybatter Festival - All-Ages Jam

The results of our drop-in Comic Jam for Little Deer Comics at the Stoneybatter Festival Family Fun Day, June 18th 2023. The kids are alright (and the older folks let loose a good bit too)! Top notch jamming! The first three pictures (and many more I couldn't get photos of) could not be scanned as they were taken home by children who loved them very much.

Speaking of which! The next edition of the Comic Jam will be a ZINE EDITION this Thursday 29th June from 7-10PM at Little Deer Comics, 57 Manor Place, Stoneybatter. It would be great if people could throw in a bit of cash at this one - we're fundraising for a Stray Lines event in September (this is the last Jam we'll be fundraising at though, don't worry!). If you want to attend, you'll probably be alright to rock up on the night, but people who sign up ahead of time at the link below will have my eternal thanks.

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