Friday, July 1, 2022

June 2022 - IN PERSON JAM!


Guess who's back to jam again?! Us!!!

DCJ's first foray back into in-person collaborative comic drawing since 2020 was an absolute success! Thank you so much to The Little Deer comic shop in Inchicore for hosting us, it's a perfect location for the jam and we'll definitely be doing it again!

Thanks also to all the new and returning jammers for bringing us back with such a bang! So great to see people and draw around the same table again. (Let me know if you want your social media handle added to the post!)

Join us next time on 28th July at 7PM at Little Deer Comics, 122 Emmett Road to join us in finishing and starting some more equally deranged jams. Also I guess we're BYOB now? And as always, BYODI (bring your own drawing implements).

Although we're back in person, feel free to join the DCJ Discord where we chat and sometimes do games together - drop us a line on Twitter or Instagram @DublinComicJam or at for the link.

P.S. Apologies for the backlog of online jams, will do a mega-upload at some point to make up for it (Kat here, mea maxima culpa)